IFC 2nd Global Manufacturing Conference




NOVEMBER 13-14, 2019




The 2nd IFC Global Manufacturing Conference will be held in Marrakech, one of the busiest and most well-connected cities in Africa that serves as a major economic center and tourist destination. The conference will bring leading firms with a significant footprint in emerging markets together with government officials and international experts to network, share experiences and discuss opportunities and challenges of harnessing technology for development.


Technology plays a pivotal role in manufacturing by giving companies a competitive edge. Rapid evolution in technology has spawned advances in connectivity, efficiency and cost reduction. Manufacturers operating in emerging markets can harness new technologies to achieve sustainable success. The impact of technology in manufacturing encompasses products, processes and value chains across a spectrum of economic complexity.

Over two days, participants will discuss how technological evolution in manufacturing is changing how products are designed and made; integrating supply chains and creating new value chains; enabling the sustainable manufacturing of products with lower environmental impact; allowing for leapfrogging of development stages in production, process or value chains; and impacting the labor force and support services needed.





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