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Global Advisory Program

  • Responsible Debt Collection in Emerging Markets
    The study analyzes existing global retail debt collections practices and recommends tangible actions that lenders and collectors can take to promote responsible and ethical standards in the field.


  • Corporate SME Workouts Report
    A guide for lending institution staff dealing with corporate and SME non-performing loans (NPLs), this manual deals with both ad hoc and systemic financial distress and delves into how borrower problems may have arisen in the first place.



  • Risk Management Balancing Act Report
    The report presents the findings from the 2010 Risk Management and Nonperforming Loan Quick Survey and outlines global trends and benchmarks in risk management.


Europe and Central Asia Advisory Program






  • Distressed Assets Transfer in Ukraine
    This Handbook covers three main areas related to non-performing loans (NPLs) in Ukraine: (i) an NPL market overview and preparation for assignment of NPLs; (ii) legal and tax issues associated with NPL transfer; and (iii) financial and accounting issues.



For more information, please visit the ECA Crisis Response Program.


South Asia Advisory Program


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