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Global Secured Transactions and Collateral Registries (STCR) Presentation

This presentation gives an overview of what secured transactions are, why it is important and  how IFC implements these reforms. It also briefly explains the current portfolio and provides impact results in different regions as well as challenges faced and lessons learned.


Highlighted Publications

  • The Impact of Movable Collateral on Firm Financing
    World Bank study for the first time confirms link between movable collateral registries and access to finance in poor countries. Using firm-level surveys for up to 73 countries, the study explores the impact of introducing collateral registries for movable assets on firms’ access to bank finance. It compares firms’ access to bank finance in seven countries that introduced collateral registries for movable assets against three control groups. For a condensed version of the study please click here.


  • Secured Transactions Systems & Collateral Registries Brochure
    IFC's Secured Lending Program promotes and facilitates the development of efficient secured transactions systems and collateral registries to expand access to finance throughout the globe with special focus on increasing SME financing. Learn more about the program objectives and success stories from this brochure.


  • Secured Transactions Systems & Collateral Registries Toolkit
    The Secured Transactions Systems and Collateral Registries Toolkit provides technical advice and guidance to World Bank Group staff, donor institutions, government officials and other practitioners on the implementation of secured transactions law and institutional reforms in emerging market countries.


  • Making Security Interests Public: Registration Mechanisms in 35 Jurisdictions
    The report focuses on the analysis of the registration mechanisms in 35 jurisdictions, highlighting the importance of a publicly accessible registry where information on interests in movable asets can be registered. The main goals of collateral registries are to provide public notice of interests in movable assets and to establish priority in the assets described in the notice for secured creditors. Making Security Interests Public: Registration Mechanisms in 35 Jurisdictions


  • IFC Secured Transactions Advisory Project in China
    This report summarizes the background, development impact, lessons learned and remaining challenges of the China Secured Transactions Project.  It also highlights on the results of an independent evaluation, which showed that as of June 2011, businesses in China had received more than $3 trillion in credit through more than 385,000 loans.





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