Webinar on Novel Approaches to Tracking Fish Movements (Advancing Sustainable Hydropower: Biodiversity and Management, Nepal - Virtual Webinar Series)

Date : 16-Mar-2021

Time : 19:00 – 20:30, Nepal time

Venue : Webinar (Zoom)

Studying and tracking the movements of fish in the fast-flowing waters of the Himalayas is challenging. Tracking the routes of migratory fish such as the Golden Mahseer (Tor putitora), Snow Trout (Schizothorax richardsonii), and other fish species helps us locate their spawning and overwintering sites to determine important sites for their conservation. This webinar will present the novel technique of radio telemetry in

which radio transmitters are surgically inserted into the fish and their movement is tracked using receivers placed on the riverbanks. This webinar will explain the science, objectives and expected outcomes of fish telemetry and provide a brief description of successful telemetry projects, for instance in Bhutan.

The webinar will also present an overview of other approaches to tracking and monitoring fish movement, which can be applied to evaluating how many fish use fish passages on hydropower projects.

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