Local Shares Consultative Panel Meeting

Date: August 23, 2017

Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal


The IFC has commissioned a national level study to examine and assess the concept of local shares as a benefit sharing mechanism for communities affected by hydropower projects and how it can best be optimized to contribute to a tangible sharing of benefits.


The study is conducted by a research consortium of Pioneer Law Firm, Policy Entrepreneurs Inc. (PEI), and Kriti Capital and Investments.


The six-month study will examine the risks, opportunities, and implications for each of the various stakeholder groups (i.e. developers, communities, investors, and government) with a view to recognizing and balancing these different interests/perspectives. The study will address specific options, good practices, and scenarios for moving forward on current challenges including guidance on delivery mechanisms, timing of delivery, and eligibility criteria for local shares.


IFC has established a consultative panel that will meet for the first time to introduce panel members and the study team, review the study approach and objectives, and its timeline and next steps.