Global Mortgage Toolkit

IFC's Global Mortgage Toolkit provides guidance and detailed sample materials for financial institutions in emerging markets that are offering residential mortgages for the first time or that which to enhance their operations.

For more than 20 years the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has appreciated the importance of expanding mortgage lending for housing as a tool of financial market development and a key ingredient to improving housing conditions. It has undertaken a number of initiatives to make this a reality. IFC has provided technical assistance and investment to primary and secondary mortgage market players in countries as diverse as Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Ghana, Nigeria, Mexico, South Africa, Korea, India, Bangladesh, Baltic States and Romania, Rwanda and Uganda.

This toolkit is an important part of IFC’s global housing finance program. It supports high quality mortgage lending in transition and developing countries. By strengthening the entire loan origination and servicing process, along with associated product development, loan pricing and risk management, lenders should much more easily undertake profitable, sustained mortgage lending. Such high quality lending is efficient lending, with the result that interest rates are lower than they otherwise would have been, stimulating an expanded demand for mortgages.

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