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Middle East & North Africa

Economic growth in the Middle East and North Africa region is well below potential. Youth unemployment is high, and conflict has displaced vast numbers of people. IFC’s strategy in the region promotes private sector-led growth for job creation. We seek to improve the investment climate by increasing access to finance, minimize infrastructure gaps, support entrepreneurship, and facilitate cross-border trade and investment flows. To strengthen the digital ecosystem, we strengthen legal infrastructure, provide finance, and enable fintech.

In FY19, we invested about $891 million in the region, including $370 million mobilized from other investors. Our clients reached about one million farmers, cared for 4.5 million patients, and generated and distributed power to 3.4 million people.

FY19 Development Results

Numbers at the left end of each bar are the total number of companies rated.

Project Financing and Portfolio, by Region

Middle East & North Africa*
$ millions, for the year ending June 30
Long-term investment commitments 520
Loans 407
Equity 58
Guarantees and risk management 56
Core mobilization** 370
Total commitments 891
Portfolio Exposure*** for IFC's account 4,282
Committed portfolio for loan syndications**** 1,301
Total committed portfolio 5,584

*Afghanistan and Pakistan, which previously were included in this region, are now grouped under South Asia.
** Including Loan Syndications (B-Loans, Parallel Loans, and MCPP Loans), IFC Initiatives, AMC, Other Mobilization by Decision, and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Mobilization, as applicable for this Region.
*** Portfolio exposure is defined as the sum of the (i) committed exposure for IFC’s debt investments, (ii) fair market value of IFC’s equity investments, and (iii) total undisbursed equity commitments.
**** Including B-Loans, Agented Parallel Loans, MCPP Loans and Credit Insurance Policies (CIP).
1 Excludes individual country shares of regional and global projects.

Development Reach

Middle East & North Africa Portfolio
  CY17 CY18
MSME loans (# of loans)1 1,192,041 1,084,632
MSME loans (amount in $ millions)1 5,911 9,400
Power generation (millions of people) 2.9 2.9
Power distribution (millions of people) 0.5 0.5
Phone connections (millions of people)2 1.0 17.0
Farmers reached3 12,000 1,012,527
Patients served 2,993,309 4,468,523
Students reached 9,330 8,327
Employment 119,435 107,495
Domestic purchase of goods and services ($ millions) 1,601 1,439
Payments to governments ($ millions) 870 941

1 Portfolio reach figures represent the micro, small, and medium outstanding loan portfolio of IFC's financial institution clients with MSME-oriented finance.
2 One client in Middle East & North Africa contributed 16 million to phone connections customers reached.
3 One client in Middle East & North Africa contributed 1 million farmers reached.

Largest Country Exposures

  Portfolio Exposure ($ millions)1
Rank within Region Country FY18 FY19
1 Egypt, Arab Republic of 1,388 1,236
2 Jordan 950 918
3 Lebanon 709 674

Based on IFC's account, as of June 30
1 Excludes individual country shares of regional and global projects.