February 17, 2022

Building Integrated Service Models:
An Insight with Mayo Clinic International

How do you integrate healthcare to better serve patients? World-renowned Mayo Clinic sees 1.2 million patients from 140 countries a year and employs 70,000 workers. Two of Mayo’s leading medical professionals, Stacey Rizza and Mohamad Bydon, shared some lessons in a conversation with IFC’s Charles Dalton:

  1. Keep abreast of fast-changing medical literature on patient treatment protocols.
  2. Work in teams across medical specialties to break down silos.
  3. Think early and often about future workforce needs and fill talent gaps.
  4. Rotate leadership to give everyone a voice and a seat at the table.
  5. Prepare for systemic shifts including more focus on wellness, new reimbursement mechanisms, and emerging disease threats.