Economic Inclusion of Sexual and Gender Minorities/LGBTI People

Sexual and Gender Minorities are often referred to by the acronym LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex) people. LGBTI populations are difficult to accurately assess. The World Bank estimates that they represent a significant global population, comparable to other major groups. LGBTI people also hold significant purchasing power, including in emerging markets in Asia and Latin America. Furthermore, companies that are LGBTI inclusive tend to have better financial performance across multiple indicators, which is attributed to their ability to attract and retain talent, innovate, build customer loyalty and brand strength.

Increasing evidence indicates that LGBTI people experience lower education outcomes due to discrimination, bullying, and violence; higher unemployment rates; and  lack  access to adequate housing,  health services, and financial services. As a result, LGBTI people are likely overrepresented in the bottom 40% of the population.

Investing for Inclusion: Exploring an LGBTI Lens


This guide provides a three-step guidance framework on how impact investors can apply an LGBTI lens and evaluate investment deals at various stages of the investment cycle to ensure inclusion of LGBTI people as leaders, employees, consumers, entrepreneurs, and community members. It combines lessons from various organizations and draws on emerging best practices. The guide aims to generate ideas and encourage dialogue, and highlight this topic for further discussion, development, and action.

Inclusive Banking: Emerging Practices to Advance the Economic Inclusion of LGBTI People


Estimates suggest that the LGBTI population has significant spending power and that it could represent a sizable part of the global population. LGBTI people, however, likely make up a large segment of the bottom 40% of the global population earning an income and are currently underserved by the financial sector.

Inclusive Banking: Emerging Practices to Advance the Economic Inclusion of LGBTI People



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