IFC Capital Markets Education Program

The IFC capital markets education program educates mid-career capital market regulators and other financial professionals in emerging markets. The program equips participants with advanced skills, knowledge, and experience to help develop effective and sustainable local capital markets in their respective countries.

By developing a cadre of highly skilled capital markets professionals, the program is laying the groundwork for growth and business opportunities in developing countries.

Graduation of the eighth cohort of the IFC- Milken Institute capital markets program. Photo: IFC

IFC has partnered with the Milken Institute and Georgetown University in the United States and with Paris Europlace and Université Paris-Dauphine in France to deliver an accredited eight-month postgraduate-level certificate program. Scholars receive four months of academic courses on financial topics, supplemented by a weekly speaker series with market practitioners, and applied workshops.

Scholars then undertake a four-month internship with leading companies in the financial sector—from hedge funds and asset management companies, to private equity firms and financial infrastructure providers, as well as multilateral development institutions.  

Program graduates earn a certificate in the United States or a master’s degree in France. After graduating, they join a global alumni network of capital market leaders, providing them with opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and continuous learning.


Nurturing the Next Generation of Capital Market Leaders in Brazil

A Journey from Professional Handball Player to Central Banker in Egypt

Since 2016, the IFC capital markets program has benefitted 270 capital market regulators.

Program graduates earn a certificate from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business or a master’s degree from Université Paris-Dauphine and join a global network of alumni and capital market leaders across more than 60 countries in emerging markets. 


Elisabete Urrea Cuena
Program Director & Financial Officer
Irena Guzelova
Senior Communications Officer
Washington D.C.