Products and Services

Advisory Services

Providing advice is a critical part of IFC’s strategy to create markets and mobilize private investment. Through this work, we help establish the necessary conditions that will attract the most private capital, enabling the private sector to grow.

IFC is shifting to a more strategic approach, systematically linking our advisory programs to the greatest needs identified in World Bank Group country and sector strategies. We will increasingly focus on developing high-impact projects that can help our clients attract the financing they need — particularly in the poorest and most conflict-affected areas of the world.

We help companies:

  • Attract private investors and partners, enter new markets, and increase their impact. We provide tailored market insights as well as advice on how to improve companies’ operational performance and sustainability.
  • Adopt good practices and standards to increase competitiveness and productivity

We help governments:

  • Structure public-private partnerships to improve people’s access to high-quality infrastructure and basic services.
  • Implement reforms that encourage private investment.

IFC’s advisory platform consists of seasoned experts, with 80 percent of our advisory staff based in the field. In FY21, our advisory portfolio stood at $1.4 billion, encompassing just over 800 advisory projects in more than 100 countries. Our PPP transaction advisory work mobilized $3.2 billion of private capital, which directly contributes to IFC Long Term Finance. Fifty-four (54) percent of IFC’s advisory program was in IDA countries, 21 percent was in FCS areas, and 24 percent on climate. Forty-two (42) percent included efforts to close economic gaps between men and women, such as jobs, finance, and markets. Thirty (30) percent of our Advisory project support Upstream interventions. Our advisory staff members remain close to clients, with almost 80 percent based in the field.

How we work with companies


We help companies improve productivity and standards by creating efficient value chains, ensuring food security, and providing strong economic, social, and environmental benefits for smaller farming enterprises and communities, among other things.

Infrastructure and Natural Resources

We work with companies to increase benefits to local communities and mitigate local risks in projects.

Corporate Finance Services

We help companies enter new markets, attract investors, and structure complex projects, offering advice on the design and execution of mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.

Energy and Water Advisory

We support the use of energy and water more efficiently to enhance companies' performance and environmental sustainability. We also accelerate the development of renewable-energy markets and improve people’s access to modern energy services.

Green Buildings

We work with companies to construct buildings that use energy, water, and materials more efficiently — by offering tools and training. We also help governments establish related policy frameworks and work with banks to launch green-finance products.

Small and Medium Enterprises and Value Chains

We help SMEs strengthen their skills and performance, improving their ability to participate in the supply and distribution networks of larger firms. We advise companies and governments on how to improve working conditions and boost the competitiveness of the textile sector’s supply chain.

Gender Equality

We work with companies to enhance the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women. We also help them increase women’s access to financial services, technology, information, and markets.

Strategic Business Solutions

We help companies resolve complex business challenges, structure innovative programs, and create new market opportunities through innovative programs such as TechEmerge.

Corporate Governance

We assist companies in expanding access to capital, mitigating risk, and safeguarding against mismanagement by improving their corporate governance.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues

We help companies do business in a sustainable way by promoting sound environmental, social, and governance practices.

How we work with financial institutions and funds

Financial Institutions

We help clients strengthen risk management and diversify product offerings — in categories such as SME finance, gender, housing finance, and sustainable energy. We also work with the World Bank to promote universal access to finance, strengthen capital markets, and establish credit bureaus and collateral registries.

Fund Managers

We help develop the private equity industry in frontier markets and provide advice to fund managers and SMEs in which the funds invest.

How we work with governments

Public-Private Partnerships

We support governments to design and implement PPPs that are tailored to local needs, help solve infrastructure bottlenecks, and achieve national development goals.

Financial Sector

We work with governments and the private sector to build resilient, transparent, and smooth-functioning financial systems and capital markets.

Investment Climate

We help improve the business environment — through reforms that promote investment, spur growth, and create jobs.

2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG)

We bring together governments, civil society, and the private sector to identify investment needs and drive reform to address water scarcity. On January 1, 2018, 2030 WRG will move to the World Bank’s Water Global Practice.