Case Study

ENGIE PowerCorner: Promoting Women’s Representation in Leadership Positions

May 29, 2023

ENGIE PowerCorner, a solar power mini-grid company in Sub-Saharan Africa, is committed to promoting women's representation in leadership positions. Despite the growth of the renewable energy sector, women are lagging behind in leadership and technical jobs. ENGIE PowerCorner aims to address this gender gap by increasing female representation in management positions and the overall workforce. The company has set targets to achieve gender parity in leadership positions by 2030 and increase the number of women in the workforce. ENGIE PowerCorner's gender strategy includes creating a culture that encourages creativity and risk-taking, providing gender-inclusive training, and promoting women for every position. The company believes that having more women in the renewable energy sector leads to improved business performance, innovation, and engagement with communities.

Through interviews with female leaders at ENGIE PowerCorner, hear how Cecilia Manu, Mutanuka Mukabanji, Laurence Keke, and Onyinye Anene-Nzelu, navigated the challenges they faced in the renewable energy sector and the steps that ENGIE PowerCorner took to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women to advance their careers. Engie PowerCorner is supporting women through policies such as gender-neutral language in job announcements, mentoring, and clear communication about gender targets. (Summary partially generated by AI).