Case Study

ElleSolaire: A Successful All-Woman Solar-Entrepreneurship Network

May 29, 2023

ElleSolaire is a women-led distributor of portable solar technology that is bringing clean energy solutions to remote communities in Senegal. Founded in 2017, the company recruits, trains, and supports women entrepreneurs to distribute solar products such as pico lanterns, solar home systems, and mobile phone chargers. ElleSolaire's all-woman solar distribution network was the first of its kind in francophone West Africa. Through partnerships with Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs), ElleSolaire has been able to rapidly scale up its distribution networks. The company also operates the ElleSolaire Academy, which provides vocational training and business skills development to women distributors. ElleSolaire has had a significant impact, bringing cleaner and safer solar power to over 100,000 people in rural Senegal and electrifying 27 health clinics. The program provides training, finance, and long-term business support to help women overcome barriers in launching and scaling up successful businesses. The program not only helps women reduce their socio-economic poverty but also their energy poverty. The introduction of clean, safe light in rural communities has transformed them, allowing women and girls to redirect their time towards income generation and educational activities. (Summary partially generated by AI).