Case Study

Women’s Participation in The Renewable Energy Workforce in sub-Saharan Africa

July 11, 2022

Women’s Participation in the Renewable Energy Workforce in sub-Saharan Africa

IFC, in partnership with the Government of Canada, launched the five-year Energy2Equal program in 2019 to increase women’s participation in the renewable energy sector in Africa. As part of Energy2Equal, IFC commissioned a workforce study to assess the opportunities and challenges women face in working for private renewable energy providers in sub-Saharan Africa.

The study found that women comprise about a quarter of leadership roles and about one third of the workforce, but they were largely concentrated in corporate support functions. The report found that companies can do more to strengthen the talent pipeline of women in the sector, including providing strong leadership from the top to embed gender equality in the corporate culture. Workplace policies and practices can also be strengthened to attract, retain, and promote more women. Supporting women to join the ranks of corporate leaders can enhance corporate competitiveness, drive innovation and reduce risk.

How many of Africa’s renewable energy sector jobs are held by women?