Kenya Pharmaceutical Industry Diagnostic Report 2020

February 15, 2022

The Kenya Pharmaceutical Industry Diagnostic analyzes the Kenyan pharmaceutical sector value chain’s strengths and weaknesses, players and their historical performance, growth trends, and challenges to entering and operating in the market. The study further evaluates investments and growth constraints in the sector and gives recommendations on how these can be addressed to make Kenya more competitive in the sector.

The recommendations in the report were also guided by a comparative survey of pharmaceutical companies in Kenya and four peer countries (Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia and South Africa) to identify and map the important factors or conditions that supports a competitive advantage for countries and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Based on the analysis, the diagnostic recommends the need for a national pharmaceutical sector strategic plan and provides suggestions on how to realize coherence in the legal and regulatory landscape, to ensure the various regulatory bodies are complementary and work together to reduce potential for conflict and to support collaboration so each can perform their mandate effectively to boost investments in the sector.

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