Financing Glass in Emerging Markets

August 17, 2022

IFC is a partner of choice in glass

  • The leading expert in emerging markets
    IFC has advised and invested in these markets since 1956, leveraging the World Bank Group network and longstanding relationships with local governments.
  • Global presence and in-depth regional knowledge
    IFC has an unparalleled global network with extensive regional experience.
  • Global industry expertise
    IFC has 40+ years of glass sector experience and has industry experts with local market knowledge and tailored research capacity.
  • A strategic sounding board and long-term partner
    IFC offers advisory services to contribute to improved E&S performances, in addition to debt and equity financing.

IFC can help companies with

Long-term financing Loans

  • Up to 7-10 years tenor
  • US, Euro or local currencies
  • Fixed or floating rates
  • Equity
  • Loan and equity mobilization

Advisory services & other products

  • Environmental and social corporate governance
  • Labor/gender
  • Supply-chain developments
  • Trade finance
  • Blended finance (concessional finance)

Sustainability solutions

  • Decarbonization advisory
    • Carbon footprint assessment
    • GHG reduction target setting
    • Resource efficiency/decarbonization measures
    • Decarbonization roadmap
  • Circular business model
  • Local economic/supplier development

For further information, contact:

Marek Stec
Senior Industry Advisor
TEL: +1 (202) 458 1230

Li Tu
Global Sector Lead and Senior Investment Officer
TEL: +1 (202) 473 5331