Country Private Sector Diagnostic

Creating Markets in Fiji: Country Private Sector Diagnostic

May 2, 2022

Overview and Summary of Key Findings from Sector Deep Dives

Fiji faces a challenging and opportune time as it works towards building a more diverse and resilient economy amid the lingering impacts of COVID-19. The dual shocks stemming from the pandemic and a series of natural disasters have been devastating for the nation’s economy, causing job losses, and eroding gains made during the decade prior to the pandemic, which had seen Fiji record its strongest post-independence period of economic growth. With fiscal space limited due to an extraordinary volume of COVID-19 relief spending, private sector investment and private sector-led solutions must be front and center for Fiji’s recovery and development strategy.

This Country Private Sector Diagnostic (CPSD) highlights opportunities for Fiji to take concrete steps toward future change. To build back better Fiji needs a four-pronged strategy: unlocking new sources of growth beyond tourism, strengthening economic and climate resilience, leveraging the nation’s potential as an economic hub in the Pacific region, and creating inclusive job opportunities. This CPSD identifies outsourcing services, health care and agri-logistics as areas with high potential to help create employment opportunities, including climate resilient jobs, while diversifying the economy and driving resilient economic growth.

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