Spotlight on Grupo Altex, Mexico – Supporting Employees through Childcare

June 15, 2022

Grupo Altex, a Mexican agro-industrial business with more than 7,000 employees, supports the childcare needs of its employees, local strawberry producers, and community members by offering affordable, quality childcare in partnership with a care provider.  

This note discusses Grupo Altex’s experience in offering a family-friendly workplace with a focus on childcare that can inspire and help other companies in providing similar opportunities for their employees. It looks at Grupo Altex’s decisions to support working mothers and fathers as well as their communities, discusses challenges and opportunities the Group faced in this journey, and the results the company and its employees have experienced, such as lower absenteeism and higher retention rates, and a stronger balance between work and family responsibilities.

The note focuses on the role the private sector can have in supporting more working mothers - and fathers - to join and stay in the workforce. 

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