The Rakorako Peer Learning Series

September 20, 2021

Supporting Gender Equal Workplaces in Fiji

In response to persistent and widespread gender gaps that prevent women’s equal participation in Fiji’s private sector, IFC partnered with the Fiji Human Resources Institute to run a peer learning program addressing the critical issues preventing women’s equal participation in the private sector. Launched in November 2019, Rakorako brought together representatives from 28 companies in Fiji to participate in a workshop series on best practices to strengthen organizations’ policies and practices relating to two important barriers to women's equal economic participation: childcare and workplace responses to domestic and sexual violence.

Taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic and through a series of devastating tropical cyclones in Fiji, both which exacerbated gender-based violence and childcare pressure on working parents, Rakorako was adapted to help companies provide stronger support to their staff. Collectively Rakorako supported companies to implement 65 new policies and practices, impacting over 6,000 employees and catalyzing wider discussion and awareness within Fiji’s private sector of respectful workplaces and childcare.

This report provides an overview Rakorako peer learning series, showcasing the achievements of the participating companies and providing a blueprint for other private sector entities in Fiji and across the Pacific, and illustrating the compelling benefits to businesses if action is taken.

IFC’s work in Fiji is supported by the governments of Australia and New Zealand under the Fiji Partnership to unlock private sector investment, promote sustainable economic growth and boost shared prosperity in Fiji.