Co-Investment Options in Infrastructure: A Guide for Institutional Investors

November 8, 2021

Pacific nations face many challenges in the delivery of essential infrastructure in sectors such as sustainable energy, health, transport, logistics and telecommunications. It’s estimated that from 2016 through to 2030, US$46 billion in investment is needed to overcome the region’s infrastructure deficit.

This guide, from the Pacific Islands Investment Forum (PIIF) and IFC, identifies six options for establishing a co-investment function that will help direct long-term capital into attractive projects, boosting investment in industries, services and infrastructure across the Pacific. The co-investment approach will enable PIIF – a regional network of 18 provident, superannuation, trust and sovereign wealth funds from 12 countries with approximately USD$8 billion under management - to channel their capital within the Pacific region and provide access to high quality cross border investments that would have been out of reach for most.

As well as for the members of PIIF, this guide is intended to serve as a starting point for other institutional investors and their advisers as they review various co-investment options. It is intended to facilitate significant, valuable cross border investments, driving climate-smart developmental and economic growth in the Pacific and further afield.