Country Private Sector Diagnostic

Creating Markets in Madagascar: Country Private Sector Diagnostic

December 5, 2021

Madagascar can transform its sustainable development path by placing private sector-led solutions more firmly at the heart of its inclusive and resilient growth strategy. This is the main finding of the Madagascar Country Private Sector Diagnostic (CPSD), which was jointly prepared by the World Bank and IFC.

The report examines how Madagascar can grow its economy, create jobs, and speed economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis by implementing policy reforms and attracting investment into key sectors, including agribusiness, apparel, tourism, finance, energy, transport, and digital infrastructure. The CPSD also explores challenges facing the country’s private sector—including COVID-19’s impact on export-led industries—and the strategies that can help address these challenges. Finally, the CPSD highlights areas where Madagascar can unlock investment opportunities and where the World Bank Group can best provide support.


Executive Summary (English)   Full Report (English)

Executive Summary (French)   Full Report (French)