Case Study

Case Study: Pyramid Group

January 18, 2021

Founded in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Pyramid Group has demonstrated how a company can succeed financially in emerging economies while still promoting a socially conscious agenda. In this case, the company’s leaders—Abraham Okore, CEO of Pyramid Group and founder of Pyramid Pharma, and Prashant Gokarn, founder of the medical equipment subsidiary Pacific Diagnostics—began with a recognition of the gaps in the existing healthcare system in Africa.

In this oral history-based case study, four executives at Pyramid Group and one of their hospital-based customers discuss how the company developed its business and what underlies its successes. There is a great deal to learn from their experience. They have designed a streamlined supply chain for healthcare products. Moreover, they have created a strategic regimen for sales, installation, and support for complex medical equipment such as CT-scan and MRI machines, X-ray devices, and critical care equipment.

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