Good Practice

Business Reporting Beyond Numbers: Looking for the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Corporate Governance

October 14, 2010

Journalists routinely report on the issues that constitute corporate governance, such as conflicts of interest and fraudulent accounting. Yet, the term “corporate governance” is seldom used, barely recognized, and low if not nonexistent on the list of “newsworthy subjects” that reporters tend to pitch to their editors. To properly cover the workings of a modern enterprise, journalists need to understand how it is governed—and how various issues under the corporate governance umbrella fit together and affect the company’s performance. This Lessons Learned aims to help business journalists track down corporate governance stories, ask the right questions to uncover critical information, and explain complex subjects to the public. October 2010.


Pictured - Roksana Yasmin was one of 17 journalists from leading media organizations in Bangladesh who attended the three-day media training workshop in June 2010, organized by the Global Corporate Governance Forum in partnership with the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute.

Earlier lesson from the Forum’s Media Program: 

Thomson Reuters Foundation and Forum Train Journalists to Report on Corporate Governance Issues, Lessons Learned, December 2009