Good Practice

Institutes Share Successes and Challenges in Training Board Directors to Lead Corporate Governance Reforms

June 14, 2010

Too often, board directors have the business acumen but lack a deep comprehension of corporate governance or the leadership skills required to reform policies, practices, and behaviors that can undermine a company’s performance. Although good instructional material and curricula have been in place in many countries, some training centers, particularly in developing and transition economies, either lacked the resources to develop their own curricula or had weaknesses in their programs.

To remedy the challenge, the Forum developed Corporate Governance Board Leadership Training Resources for Institutes of Directors (IoDs) and others that train board directors. Since its launch, more than 300 trainers from 55 countries have completed the Forum’s “train the trainer” program. Their experiences are summarized in this Lessons Learned to assist IoDs and others in comprehending and applying the core success factors and in overcoming the challenges.