IFC Global Manufacturing Conference: Accelerating Solutions for Sustainable Manufacturing

September 26, 2023

IFC's 4th Global Manufacturing Conference, titled Accelerating Solutions for Sustainable Manufacturing took place in Vienna, Austria on September 26-28, 2023. The event brought together leading manufacturers, government leaders, industry experts, and financial and development institutions to network, share experiences, and explore new technologies and business models that companies can leverage to accelerate solutions for sustainable manufacturing.

  • When: Sept 26-28, 2023
  • Where: Vienna, Austria

Through engaging sessions and interactive panel discussions we covered the following topics, touching on innovation through people, process, and technology:

  • Making Manufacturers More Sustainable: Strategies, tactics, and new technologies to encourage companies to transition to cleaner energy, adopt circularity principles, and become more efficient through conservation and waste reduction
  • Policies and Principles: A review of the state and status of sustainability policies and company commitments. Are they working and are they enough to meet the Paris goals?
  • Mobilizing Financing: The role that sustainable financing, concessional financing, and multilateral development banks play in accelerating industrial decarbonization
  • A Just Transition: How to balance country capabilities and development needs to create a just transition to a more sustainable world for everyone
  • Greening Supply Chains: How incentive financing and initiatives like IFC’s Global Trade Supply Finance are helping suppliers become greener, cleaner, more efficient, and better equipped to transact with global brands and global value chains

IFC's manufacturing activities are a vital part the World Bank Group’s overall mission to promote sustainable economic growth and reduce poverty in developing countries. Through its manufacturing investments and advisory services, IFC creates opportunities for local businesses to generate employment and drive technological and economic innovations that enable workers and their communities to thrive. Creating the conditions for excellence that underpin successful industrial development requires strengthening every link in the supply chain and making sure that manufacturers, brands, and workers have the tools, finances, information, and expertise they need to compete in an increasingly dynamic global marketplace.