Pacific Governance Series: Addressing Gendered Impacts of COVID-19 to Create Safe and Resilient Businesses

March 30, 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting health and economies across the globe. While the Pacific has had fewer cases of COVID-19 in comparison to other regions, Pacific economies are severely affected. Businesses are facing disruptions from supply and demand-side shocks which are compounded by the gendered impacts of COVID-19 on the workforce. Increasing unpaid care responsibilities and gender-based violence are disproportionately affecting female employees and the business bottom line through reduced productivity, and increased absenteeism and turnover. The crisis will have a long-term impact on how companies function and conduct their daily operations. Companies that make choices to ensure that women and men have equal opportunities can lay the groundwork for a quicker recovery, and a more resilient future after the crisis ends.

About the Series

This webinar series addresses the uneven gendered impacts of COVID-19 on the private sector in the Pacific through providing insights from leaders in the Pacific, presentations from experts, resources and tools and implementation support.

Participation is free and open to all private sector businesses and entities in the Pacific and is tailored for board members,
CEOs and HR professionals.

Webinar 1: Board Leadership in any Crisis

Good corporate governance practices are crucial during crises as it provides companies with tools and mechanisms to maintain business continuity, demonstrate leadership, and build goodwill and trust within their communities. This webinar will equip company leaders with practical insights and strategies to navigate their way through any crisis.

April 2021 | Register

Webinar 2: Addressing the Gendered Workforce Impacts of COVID-19

COVID-19 is impacting women’s ability to participate in the workforce due to increasing care responsibilities due to schools, nurseries, and eldercare facilities closing in response to the pandemic and increasing violence at home, in the workforce and in the community. This webinar will provide company leaders with the tools to create safe and resilient businesses by supporting employees’ care needs and addressing gender-based violence as workplace issue.

May 2021 | Register

Webinar 3: Addressing Cybersecurity Risks

Cyber risk management is a critical element for every business (regardless of its size or sector) to thrive in a digitally connected world. Boards and senior management have a key role to play in ensuring an effective strategy is in place. This program is designed specifically for board members to better understand their roles and responsibilities related to cybersecurity, particularly during times of crisis; and manage risks and challenges
by utilizing appropriate cybersecurity strategies and crisis response practices.

June 2021 | Register

Webinar 4: Implementation Workshop

This session will support company leaders to develop and implement policies and procedures that have been introduced in the previous three webinars. You will have the chance to share good practice, ask questions and receive expert advice.

July 2021 | Register


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