Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Integrated ESG standards program beyond the balance sheet: Disclosure & Transparency Training Of Trainers (TOT)

June 9, 2021

This D&T webinar series, developed jointly by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (UN SSE) aims to help IFC’s partners in Europe and Central Asia to: 1) Understand the international and EU sustainability disclosure landscape. 2) Practice how to prepare and assess annual reports for investors and other stakeholders, integrating financial and sustainability information according to good international practice. 3) Enhance the knowledge base, skills sets and access resources to provide: a. Training on sustainability disclosure for companies, banks and boards of directors; and b. Policy support on developing ESG reporting guidelines and understanding of green finance for regulators and stock exchanges.

The Integrated ESG Standards Program has organized this webinar series to help partner institutions deepen their knowledge of sustainability disclosure and transparency and to build regional capacities to adapt IFC’s award-winning Disclosure and Transparency Toolkit “Beyond the Balance Sheet” resources for consulting and other services in the region.



About the Presenters:

Alexander Berg

Senior Financial Sector Development Specialist
Financial Stability and Integrity Global Unit, FCI


Anne E. Molyneux

CS International


Anthony Miller

Economic Affairs Officer


Bistra Boeva

International Economic Relations and Business Department
University for National and World Economic Studies (Sofia, Bulgaria)


Boris Janjalia



Erik P.M. Vermeulen

Professor, Business and Financial Law
Director, International Business Law
Tilburg University (The Netherlands)


Jerome Lavigne-Delville

Global corporate sustainability and responsible investment


Mary Jo Larson

Seniot Consultant
IFC’s Corporate Governance/ESG Advisory, Knowledge and Learning Group


Ralitza Germanova

Disclosure and Transparency Program Lead


Susan Blesener

CEO of The Art of Value


Vladimir Hrle

ESG consultant on IFC’s integrated ESG advisory program


Yuliya Holodkova

Corporate Governance Officer



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