Rebuilding Resilience through Sustainable Finance

June 25, 2020

This webinar presents exclusive country insights from the IFC-supported Sustainable Banking Network (SBN) report Necessary Ambition: How Low-Income Countries Are Adopting Sustainable Finance to Address Poverty, Climate Change, and Other Urgent Challenges, launched in June 2020. The report is the first comprehensive review of drivers and innovation behind market-level efforts to promote sustainable finance in low-income countries. It includes 16 case studies, 8 country reports, and practical decision-making tools based on countries' various experiences. The webinar features opening remarks by IFC Vice President, Georgina Baker, and presentations by four SBN member countries – Bangladesh, Kenya, Mongolia, and Nigeria – about their national journeys to promote a financial sector shift to sustainable finance practices. It also explores how the integration of sustainable finance contributes to a country's overall development ambitions.


About the Presenters:

Moderator: Ms. Louise Gardiner

Coordinator of SBN African region & Green Bond Working Group


Ms. Georgina Baker

Vice President of IFC, Chair of SBN Secretaria


Mr. Batmunkh Batbold

Coordinator of SBN Task Force


Dr. Aisha Mahmood

Special Advisor to the Governor on Sustainable Banking, Central Bank of Nigeria


Ms. Nomindari Enkhtur

Advisor to the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association


Mr. Asif Iqbal

Joint Director, Bank of Bangladesh


Ms. Nuru Mugambi

Director,Kenya Bankers Association


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