Gobierno Corporativo en Latinoamérica Experiencias y estrategias empresariales

May 7, 2020

This webinar was organized in collaboration with, and through, the Latin American Network of Corporate Governance Institutes (IGCLA in its Spanish acronym) for participants across all Latin America on evolving governance practices in the region, with a specific theme of decision-making in times of crisis.

The webinar is in Spanish and focuses on the role of corporate governance and robust decision-making processes to maintain financial sustainability in the short term on account of Covid (e.g., dividend and remuneration practices/policies, cashflows forecasts, capex plans); the role of corporate governance in planning for long-term investments; the critical importance of robust risk management; the increasing importance of ESG and sustainability focus within businesses.


About the Presenters:

Mauricio Rosillo Rojas

Corporate VP at Bancolombia


Aristóbulo Bausela Sánchez



Gabriel Hasson

Corporate VP at Bancolombia


Gisélia Silva,

Board member at Electronorte; Board member at Amazonas Geração e Transmissão


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