CDC – Technical Workshops – For PE Fund Managers and portfolio companies

Event Title: Series of Half Day Workshops on ES for PE Fund Managers and Portfolio Companies

Sector: Cross Sector  

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Date(s): 20th -22nd June 2017

Format: Face-to-face

Sponsoring organization(s): CDC, Norfund

Cost (if applicable): N/A


Workshops will be half day in length and provide PE funds and portfolio companies skills in relation to following topic areas. Module 1 is for PE funds only.

  1. IFC Performance Standards as a guide to effective due diligence and ownership
    A new module designed primarily for E&S officers at PE funds.
  2. Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS) for companies
    An SME-focused workshop and a new advanced masterclass. 
  3. Labour and Working Conditions
    Building on the 2015-2016 module and with an additional emphasis on modern slavery. 
  4. Occupational Health and Safety
    A fundamental module and a new advanced masterclass.
  5. Governance of E&S and BI
    A new course aimed at senior management of portfolio companies and GPs with board-level responsibilities.
  6. Business Integrity
    An updated half-day course covering AML, anti-corruption and anti-terrorism financing, among other topics.  

 Target Audience:

This training is geared toward E&S officers and investment staff at PE funds; those with 5+ years of experience. A basic familiarity with E&S issues facing businesses in Africa and Asia is expected.

Those with advanced technical understanding of IFC Performance Standards at PE funds are encouraged to attend the session on IFC PS.

Senior partners of Funds and MDs of portfolio companies are encouraged to attend Module 5 on Governance of ES/ BI.

Space Availability

Limited availability – primary audience is CDC/ Norfund backed fund managers and portfolio companies. To confirm if there is space available for your clients or consultants, contact

Kindly do not share information with your contacts until you’ve confirmed space is available. 

For more information: For more information on this event, contact