Queen 'Mamohato Memorial Hospital, Lesotho

An innovative public private partnership facilitated by IFC in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho has transformed its health care system with the opening in 2011 of a 425-bed hospital that will help the tiny country treat tens of thousands of patients a year and has demonstrated much higher level of service and results on patient health, while remaining part of the public health system and offering care to all.

The Queen 'Mamohato Memorial Hospital in the country’s capital, Maseru is a world-class facility and the centerpiece of a new health system that includes three new filter clinics. The new public hospital features eight operating rooms, a maternity wing including a 40-bed nursery, a 10-bed adult Intensive Care Unit, an ophthalmology unit and, most importantly, a well-trained, privately-managed cadre of health care professionals.

An independent study conducted by Boston University found that the new hospital delivered significantly more services and services of higher quality in 2012 than at baseline comparison of the facility it replaced. The number of admissions increased 51%, outpatient visits more than doubled, and the hospital and filter clinics assisted 45% more deliveries compared to baseline. Average length of stay for an inpatient admission was 16% lower than at its predecessor facility, indicating higher efficiency and throughput of patients. This effect may even larger taking into account the overall higher mortality at previous hospital, which is likely to have distorted ALOS if patients died rather than being discharged home after they had improved through treatment.