Wajahat Iqbal

Engineer with Metro Power, an IFC client



I worked my way through university, tutoring lower-classmen to pay my tuition.  I started working at the GulAhmed/ Metro Wind power plant after five years as a commissioning and testing engineer at Alstom.



It has been a very challenging project because the technology is very advanced for Pakistan. We are using remote wireless communication systems that can be monitored even from Islamabad. This is all very new here and the learning curve is high. At the moment we are creating simulations and testing before we start producing.



It is easy to be a mediocre engineer but to be excellent you have to work hard. With this project, if we didn't have the resources we had to create them. There is not much room for mistakes. You gave to work intelligently.



It feels good to be leading a team. I'm 28 and in eight or nine years I want to be a general manager somewhere. I want a variety of experience right now so I can make effective decisions when I am at the top.