IFC Employability Tool

To support our clients as they seek to improve value for students, IFC has mobilized its resources and knowledge to create the Employability Tool.


The IFC Employability Tool is a diagnostic tool for helping tertiary education institutions understand how well they are preparing graduates for the job market. The Employability Tool measures main factors in learning, retention, graduation, and placement rates to assess an institution’s effectiveness.

The Employability Tool starts with an institutional self-assessment and a stakeholder survey including teaching faculty, staff, current students, alumni, and employers. The assessment covers processes and factors affecting employability within the education institution and institutional metrics such as graduation rates and placement rates. These data deliver a 360-degree view of how the institution is delivering on employability outcomes for students. IFC and the client discuss the self-assessment and the scores, and IFC delivers a summary report with key recommendations.

IFC has successfully piloted the tool with several clients in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Initial feedback has been positive: our clients have commented on its efficacy, while providing substantive feedback on improvements. IFC will now roll out the Employability Tool across its client network and beyond and our specialists will work with clients to help them implement global best practices. We believe that this initiative will be an important addition to IFC’s suite of knowledge and advisory services beyond our traditional financial investment instruments. It will help tertiary education institutions to provide relevant, quality, affordable education with robust links to employment.



IFC Senior Education Specialist Mohammed Ali Khan explains how the IFC Employability Tool works.



IFC Senior Education Specialist Mohammed Ali Khan joins Classic FM in Johannesburg to talk about IFC’s new advisory program for helping universities improve employment prospects for students.

Classic FM Broadcast:

Education & Training Feature: IFC Launches Employability Advisory Program So Students Get More Out of Higher Education



Fact Sheet on IFC Employability Tool

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