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World Bank Group Gender Strategy FY 2016 - 2023

Women, Business and the Law

Gender & IMF

Voice & Agency Report



Better Work

Putting Gender-Smart Commitments into Practice: SheWorks One-Year Progress Report [PDF]

Interwoven: How the Better Work Program Improves Job and Life Quality in the Apparel Sector [PDF]

Gender at Work Study

Women and Business: Drivers of Development [PDF]

IFC Jobs Study [PDF]

Supply and Demand for Child Care Services in Turkey

The Business Case for Women's Employment in Agribusiness

Entrepreneurship & Supply Chains

IFC's Banking on Women

Banking on Women Fact Sheet [PDF]

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SME Finance Forum

SME Toolkit

Investing in Women Along Agribusiness Value Chains

Leveling the Field: Improving Opportunities for Women Farmers in Africa

The Cost of the Gender Gap in Agricultural Productivity [PDF]

Case Study: Boyner Group's Supply Chain Strengthens Women in Business [PDF]

Longer Version: Boyner Group's Supply Chain Strengthens Women in Business

Global Banking Alliance for Women

SME Indonesia [PDF]



Are Quotas the Answer?

Corporate Governance: Women on Boards [PDF]

EDGE Certification on Gender

Gender Diversity of Companies in Jordan [PDF]


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