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Latin America and the Caribbean

IFC is facilitating a $176 million financing package to Recaudo Bogota to develop and operate the fare collection, fleet management, and real-time information technology system for Bogota’s bus transportation system.
In Colombia, only a select few have access to higher education. For many interested students it has simply been out of the question, blocking a clear path out of poverty. Until recently, that is.
The World Bank Group has joined forces with four other development banks to coordinate crisis-response initiatives and spur economic recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Colombia is a leader at making it easier to do business. This year, it sped up trade, enhanced investor protections, and eased tax burdens.
IFC is helping the private sector in Latin America and the Caribbean increase its competitiveness and its role in social and....

IFC in Colombia

IFC’s office in Bogotá is the hub for business development and client management in the Andean region. It oversees investments and advisory services to clients and partners in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. Since Colombia became a member of IFC in 1956, IFC has invested $5.6 billion in the country’s private sector, including $2.9 billion in mobilization.*


IFC’s strategy in Colombia focuses on infrastructure development through public-private partnerships, which build well-functioning ports, roads, and airports, thus decreasing the cost of doing business. IFC assists leading Colombian companies modernize and expand their businesses internationally. Promoting access to finance for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is also at the core of IFC strategy, as well as improving the investment climate by simplifying regulations and royalty management. IFC business operations in Colombia promote environmentally and socially sustainable practices, especially in extractive industries. 


*As of October 1, 2013

Carlos Leiria Pinto
Head, Andean Region
Cra. 7 No. 71-21
Torre A, Piso 14
Tel: (571) 319-2330
Assistant: Yoneida Quiroz


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