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IFC is keen to invest in companies, such as Aihuishou, that are using technology and innovative approaches to make reuse and recycling more transparent and reliable for consumers, retailers, and manufacturers around the world.
IFC has just issued local currency bonds in Rwanda and is also in discussions with other countries in Africa, Asia, emerging Europe, and Latin America.
IFC works with Chindex, a leading private healthcare network in China, to promote women at all levels of its operations. Founded by two women, including its current CEO, Chindex is dedicated to empowering its female staff through leadership and train
A new report recommends that China tackle environmental degradation and other strains of rapid urbanization by systematically changing how it allocates land, people and capital across the nation.
IFC will issue a 1 billion renminbi-denominated bond (equivalent to about $165 million) in March 2014 to increase foreign investment in China and support the internationalization of the Chinese currency.

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Simon Andrews
Country Manager
China, Mongolia and Korea

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China World Trade Center
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Chaoyang District
Beijing 100004
Tel: (86-10) 5860-3000
Fax: (86-10) 5860-3100

10th Floor
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Chengdu, Sichuan Province 610041
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Jing Yu

IFC in China

IFC invests in and mobilizes capital for private sector projects in China, particularly those that help fight climate change, enable rural development, and promote sustainable Chinese investments overseas. We serve sectors that commercial lenders consider risky, including renewable energy, water, and microfinance.


IFC’s unique financing and advisory products combine global expertise with local knowledge, maximizing investment returns and social benefits.


China is IFC’s third-largest portfolio country. Since 1985, we have invested about $6 billion in more than 200 projects. In 2012, IFC raised $650 million in total commitments for 20 projects.

Mitigating Climate Change

IFC focuses on energy efficiency and renewable energy and the efficient use of water resources to help mitigate the impact of climate change.


We invest in renewable energy producers and energy-saving technology providers and mobilize partner banks to help fund projects in these areas.


IFC also advises China’s regulators and financial institutions on adopting international environmental and social best
practices. Following the footsteps of more than 70 financial institutions worldwide, our client Industrial Bank became the first Chinese lender to adopt the Equator Principles for social and environmental risk management in project finance.


Promoting Balanced Rural-Urban Development
IFC aims to reduce the wealth gap between China’s urban and rural areas through our investments and advisory work in micro, small, and medium enterprise financing, agribusiness, infrastructure, and food safety. IFC is one of the largest investors in China’s microfinance institutions, helping thousands of small businesses to grow and create jobs.


In 2002, IFC opened an office in Chengdu in Sichuan province to help spur development in the country’s less-developed western regions. Our Advisory Services team shares global knowledge and international best practices with local clients.

Supporting Sustainable Investments in Emerging Markets

IFC supports Chinese companies that are expanding to other emerging regions like Africa through direct investment and mobilizing of capital via syndicated loans from Chinese banks. We also help these companies adopt and implement international environmental, social, and corporate governance standards. In 2011, China Development Bank and China Eximbank became the first Chinese lenders to participate in an IFC-syndicated parallel loan for a project in Africa (Ghana Vodafone).

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