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East Asia & the Pacific

East Asia & the Pacific 

To celebrate three decades of operations in China IFC recently hosted an international forum in Beijing and renewed its commitment to expanding private sector partnerships and encouraging innovation in the country.
Kate Lazarus, IFC senior operations officer, discusses how hydropower companies can better engage their stakeholders for sustainable development of the sector.
As China strives to cut its greenhouse gases and switch to cleaner fuels, gas companies such as China Tian Lun Gas Holdings Limited are seizing the opportunity to supply natural gas to cities throughout China.
In river basins where multiple projects are planned, companies should consider working together to address the cumulative impacts that are likely to result.
Michael Simon, Water and Infrastructure Program Advisor for Oxfam said, “Gender mainstreaming is not about the number of women in your human resources roster, it’s about your core business operations."


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IFC Launches New Green-Building Certification System EDGE in Vietnam to Mitigate Climate Change

June 4, 2015  |  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



EDGE launches in Indonesia

June 8, 2015 | Jakarta, Indonesia


Corporate Governance in Vietnam
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IFC East Asia & the Pacific

IFC in East Asia and the Pacific focuses on supporting sustainable, private sector-led development to ensure the region’s economic growth reaches all segments of society. Around half of our investments in fiscal year 2012 were in the region’s poorest countries with IFC opening up access to finance for small and medium enterprises, connecting rural households to electricity for the first time, improving access to healthcare, and fighting climate change by improving energy efficiency.

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