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MSME Country Indicators

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Country Indicators (MSME-CI) provides both the latest global snapshot and historic data back 20 years on the number of MSMEs in 132 world economies.

Finding answers to questions such as:

How many MSMEs are there in a given country?
What share of employment do MSMEs provide?
What is the firm size-breakdown within the MSME sector?
How did the number of MSMEs change over the past 15-20 years?
How do national governments and financial institutions define MSMEs?
What are the relationships between the number of MSMEs and income per capita, business regulatory environment, access to finance, informality?
What are the growth rate trends across regions and economies from different income groups? 
What is the composition of MSMEs from a sector standpoint?


Data (Excel) | About the Data | Methodology Note 

MSME Country Indicators Analysis Note

“Counting MSMEs Across the World”
Khrystyna Kushnir, Melina Laura Mirmulstein and Rita Ramalho

This note provides an overview of new data on MSME Country Indicators for 132 economies. It presents important findings on MSMEs around the world. Download note

Contact and Feedback

Khrystyna Kushnir | KKushnir@worldbank.org
Melina Laura Mirmulstein | MMirmulstein@ifc.org
John H. Stevenson | HStevenson@worldbank.org – with inquiries on sectorial distribution

MSME-CI is a result of the joint work of IFC's Access to Finance and Sustainable Business Advisory and World Bank-IFC Global Indicators and Analysis



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