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About the SEA of the hydropower sector in Myanmar:

In October 2016, Myanmar’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation and the Ministry of Electricity and Energy with the support from IFC and the Australian government commenced a country-wide Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the hydropower sector. The SEA takes a basin-wide approach to understand the effects on environmental and social values across Myanmar’s primary river basins. Once complete in late-2017, it will be a tool for decision makers to be more informed of environmental and social risks when planning.

The SEA is a first step to better understand, prioritize and plan sustainable hydropower development across Myanmar; it is not pro or anti hydropower but advocates for sustainability. Drawing on stakeholder views, advice and recommendations from an expert group, an advisory group, among others,  the SEA provides a deeper understanding of the importance of communities’ values and reliance on riverine resources. There will be no perfect recipe for hydropower development in Myanmar over the next 20-30 years coming out of the SEA, but there will be an informed hydropower pathway for each major basin that takes a balanced approach, replacing the current piecemeal project-by-project planning approach.

Selected resources and materials presented and published during the SEA process are listed here:




SEA Stakeholder Engagement Plan 

Regional River Basin Consultations: Key Findings

Divided into 8 chapters, SEA Baseline Assessments  provide the foundation for the final SEA report:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Hydropower
Chapter 3: Geomorphology and Sediment Transport

Chapter 4: Terrestrial Biodiversity
Chapter 5: Fisheries, Aquatic Ecology & River Health
Chapter 6: Economic Development and Land Use
Chapter 7: Social and Livelihoods
Chapter 8: Peace and Conflict






SEA Roadmap

SEA Stage 1

SEA Stage 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Infographic: SEA Stakeholder Engagement Process (English language)

Infographic: SEA Stakeholder Engagement Process (Myanmar language)

SEA Terms of Reference 

SEA Advisory Group Terms of Reference

About the SEA Expert Groups



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