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Sustainable and Inclusive Investing - Project Examples

IFC supports the growth of sustainable capital flows to emerging markets by funding the development of enhanced stock market indices, financial instruments, and market research and training and by sharing IFC's substantial experience in incorporating environmental and social (E&S) issues when investing in these markets. Our objectives are to:


  • Develop the market infrastructure to support the growth of sustainable investment in emerging markets
  • Improve the quality of E&S integration into the investment process through the development of commonly accepted investment standards, frameworks and methodologies
  • Promote capital market reform to support engagement between asset owners and companies on sustainability issues


IFC's work in sustainable investing focuses on interventions at both the asset allocation and the investment management process. The Sustainable Investing team works with industry partners across the financial value chain, including asset owners, investment consultants and research firms, investment managers and index providers. Below is a summary of recent projects.


  • In association with S&P and Trucost, IFC has launched the first global emerging market carbon efficient index. The S&P/IFCI Carbon Efficient Index is a benchmark portfolio that favors allocations to carbon efficient companies, while closely replicating the performance of a leading investable emerging markets index, the S&P/IFCI. Learn more about how to invest in this index »
  • IFC developed an online environmental and social toolkit to help Private Equity fund managers identify and manage their environmental and social (E&S) risks and opportunities. IFC views this toolkit as an evolving product, so please send us your feedback — we would like to ensure that the toolkit meets the market's needs.
  • IFC, Mercer and the Carbon Trust are collaborating with 14 institutional investors on a Climate Change Asset Allocation study, aimed at helping global institutional investors prepare for climate change by analyzing potential climate risks and opportunities of various asset classes around the globe. The analysis will culminate in a publicly available report, due to for release in late 2010. View the Mercer press release »

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