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Internal Stakeholders

Who can help me develop an effective biodiversity strategy?

Internal stakeholders: creating an enabling environment for change

A wide range of individuals from all areas and all levels of a company — not just the environment department — have a role to play in developing and implementing policies and practices to safeguard biodiversity. This is true both centrally at corporate headquarters, as well as throughout a company's operating units around the world.

Keys to effective institutionalization of biodiversity change throughout a company include:

  • Commitment and leadership from the highest levels of the company;
  • A clear vision and strategic plan for how the company will manage biodiversity risks and capitalize on biodiversity opportunities;
  • Effective communication, to both external and internal audiences, on the reasons for change and the benefits of effective biodiversity management;
  • Motivation, empowerment and training of staff to address biodiversity issues;
  • Identification of "early wins" to generate momentum for the strategy and maintain support;
  • Continuous evaluation of successes and failures, measured against pre-determined targets and objectives, and adaptation of the strategy accordingly.

For companies that operate in several countries or regions, ensuring local applicability while sharing lessons across operating companies is a challenge – but one which needs to be met. Corporate strategy and management programs benefit from early and active inclusion, engagement and consultation with country-level teams. Shared learning between country operations is essential for the subsequent implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement of corporate biodiversity policy and practices. (See the Holcim Vietnamcase study [PDF])

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