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IFC Sustainability

IFC Sustainability 
Beginning in South Africa in October, IFC will conduct a limited series of workshops around the globe to build capacity and address implementation challenges related IFC’s Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability.
This short video discusses the value of sustainability for business success, based on testimonials from thought leaders and partners who work with IFC.
Currently, barriers of law and custom stop many women from getting financing for business. Removing those barriers can help overcome the gender gap and unleash economic growth. Learn more about IFC's work to support women in business.
IFC's new "SUSTAIN: Cutting-edge business solutions" magazine presents how innovative companies across the world achieve and maintain stronger performance while addressing sustainability challenges. The first issue focuses on agribusiness.
IFC has launched a new series of free webinars offering its expertise and thought leadership on sustainability issues. Topics include IFC Performance Standards, Environmental, Health, & Safety Guidelines 101, and Corporate Governance.

IFC Sustainability


Growing public awareness of environmental, social, and corporate governance issues is driving changes in the products consumers buy, how companies do business, and how investment decisions are made.


IFC's world-class environmental, social, and and corporate governance expertise helps private-sector clients succeed in this changing global environment by realizing their financial potential with a strong eye to environmental, social, and governance issues such as climate change, access to water, disclosure and transparency, and the impact business operations may have on local communities.


Our expertise includes:


  • Risk Management: Helping companies identify, reduce, and manage environmental, social, and corporate governance risks associated with their services, products, and business operations.
  • Advisory Services in Sustainable Business: Working with companies to adopt environmental, social and governance practices and technologies that create a competitive edge. We seek the broad adoption of these practices to transform markets and improve people's lives.
  • Global environmental and social standard setting: IFC's Policy and Performance Standards on Social and Environmental Sustainability are the gold standard in achieving sustainable development.
  • Global standard setting on corporate governance: IFC's Corporate Governance Methodology is recognized as the most advanced of its kind among development finance institutions (DFIs). In 2010, the DFI Working Group on Corporate Governance launched the DFI Toolkit on Corporate Governance, which is based on IFC's methodology.

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