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Chris Razook
Corporate Governance Lead

Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2509-8512



Leyal Savas
Program Manager

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: +84-8-3823-5266


Corporate Governance: East Asia and Pacific


The EAP Corporate Governance Program will be implemented in a number of countries throughout the region. The Program will provide demand-driven corporate governance advisory services based upon IFC’s established corporate governance advisory services model and will be tailored to the risks and needs of particular countries throughout the region. The program will be delivered jointly by IFC’s CG Advisory Services and the Global Corporate Governance Forum.


In all countries in which IFC feels there is sufficient demand and institutional capacity to absorb a full project, a full programmatic approach will be delivered. These are the countries in which IFC believes a project will be able to reach full impact, including a sustainable exit strategy. This will involve key market players such as governmental and private institutions, educational and training institutions, firms and investors. In this approach, the goal is to have on-site staff members, based in the country, delivering the following four main IFC CG AS well-established standard components:


Working with Companies: providing direct assistance to companies on a fee basis to help them improve CG practices;

Working with the Enabling Environment: working with governmental bodies on CG related legislative / regulatory improvements;

Working with Educational and Training Institutions: developing and deploying CG tools and developing CG curricula to improve CG knowledge of current and future directors and managers; and

Raising Public Awareness: sharing knowledge and increasing public awareness of CG, which includes distributing CG best practice materials, maintaining a website, and training business journalists on better practices.


In countries in which IFC feels demand is limited and where institutional capacity is either too low or not sufficiently developed to absorb a project the ad hoc approach will be taken. The concept will be to use existing staff members in the region to be sent only when a company is identified as being strongly committed to improve its CG practices through an assessment and improvement plan.





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