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IFC EDGE Green Buildings Certification System


Climate change and other environmental risks caused by rapid industrialization are a growing challenge, threatening poverty alleviation efforts and undercutting achievements in sustainable development. Business as usual is no longer an option.

Going green in the building sector can save investors serious money through lower energy and water bills. Understanding this, both investors and policymakers alike are recognizing that greener buildings can provide multiple benefits:

  • saving operating costs by boosting efficiency
  • reducing a community’s carbon footprint through lower greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • generating jobs through home-grown innovation

Until now, going green in the building business seemed a luxury for the wealthy or for select multinational companies looking to make a branding statement. Today however, middle- and low-income buildings can also adopt environmentally sound designs. 

Imagine a simple, inexpensive, and reliable way to generate real and dramatic savings on utility bills no matter what the income of the client or the kind of building they live or work in whether a house, hospital, apartment building, hotel, or office.

There is a way—the IFC EDGE Green Buildings Certification System.


EDGE was unveiled to the public in July 2013 at the event 'Transforming the Built Environment in Emerging Markets,' where IFC announced a partnership with the World Green Building Council to rapidly scale up construction of green buildings in emerging markets. Presentations and recording from this event are available here


  Download the EDGE brochure


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