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Climate Business

Climate Business 
This comprehensive presentation covers the structure of IFC's green bonds, recent program history and lessons learned, and explains IFC's approach to climate business.
IFC has issued $3.4 billion in green bonds, including two $1 billion issuances in 2013.
The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with the UN Foundation’s Global Partnership for Energy-Efficient Buildings, is hosting a no-cost, webinar-based training on IFC's EDGE Green Buildings Market Transformation program.
Findings from a stock taking report prepared for the Group of 20 Nations (G20) on mechanisms to mobilize private capital, including from institutional investors, for inclusive green investments in developing countries.
IFC puts a priority on renewable energy—focusing on first-of-a-kind projects that demonstrate technical feasibility, attract additional private financing, and encourage key policy reforms.

Climate Business at IFC

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to development today.  And while public policy responses are critical in addressing it, the private sector must also step up and play a leading role, providing innovative business solutions.  It is estimated that 80 percent of the investment required to stabilize the climate must come from the private sector.  IFC works with international partners to catalyze resources and to help business fill financing and knowledge gaps in areas such as renewable energy, more efficient technologies and proven measures for emissions reduction.


For us, climate business is a strategic priority. IFC has invested more than $11 billion in climate-related projects since 2005, including $2.5 billion last year alone. This represented 14 percent of total commitments.  IFC is looking to grow its climate business to 20 percent of its long term finance (and 10 percent of its trade finance) by 2015.


Business as usual is not an option for a sustainable future. Now is the time to change the way we use and allocate resources: this will require a combined effort, involving large-scale government and private sector actions together to address the inevitable, unprecedented demand for resources.  

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