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The fine dining establishments of Knightsbridge and the Champs Elysees may soon be serving their well-to-do customers Ukrainian chicken. Backed by a $50 million IFC loan, Ukraine’s leading poultry producer is set to expand into European markets
Across Europe and Central Asia, IFC is building a market for renewable energy that will ultimately provide clean power for millions of people, slash greenhouse gas emissions and create hundreds of jobs.
Finding the necessary balance between agricultural productivity and resource efficiency is challenging, but it can be achieved by incorporating climate-friendly cleaner production techniques.
For the first time in his life, Vitaly Lvov, a Ukrainian farmer with almost 20 years of experience, feels less worried about an unexpected drought, a sudden fall in temperatures, or continued rains.
IFC’s partnership with Sandora, a rising Ukrainian agribusiness company, shows how much a combination of investment and technical assistance can do to build a local firm’s competitiveness and development impact.

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IFC in Ukraine

Ukraine became a member of IFC in 1993. IFC began operating in Ukraine by pioneering advisory projects in privatization and land reform. This helped create a base for the private sector, with support from such governments as Canada, Japan, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Our work in the 1990s helped establish 60,000 small businesses and create 700,000 new jobs. We also helped the government draft and adopt the first land code, introducing private land ownership rights in the country.

IFC Strategy in Ukraine


Through a combination of investment and advisory services we continue to partner with clients in strategic sectors crucial for Ukraine’s sustainable development, and with a particular focus on agribusiness, infrastructure, energy efficiency/cleaner production, and financial markets. We will continue to seek new opportunities to partner with companies in these key sectors in order to achieve the maximum development impact on Ukraine's long-term economic growth.


IFC Investment


Helping Ukrainian companies become market leaders and global players, IFC has invested over $3 billion, including $843 million in syndicated loans, in 90 projects across a variety of sectors. In fiscal year 2013, IFC’s commitments to Ukraine totaled about $355 million, including mobilization.


Details of projects currently in progress can be found in IFC Disclosure. For completed projects see press releases below or visit the IFC Press Room.


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