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East Asia & the Pacific

East Asia & the Pacific 

Strategic Priority: Climate Change

Reducing Carbon Footprints Profitably: Providing financing and advice in support of companies growing the bottom line by producing in more energy efficient ways or setting up renewable energy generation.

Energy Efficiency Gets Prize (Vietnam)

As East Asia’s industrializing emerging markets consume ever more energy, resources for investments in less carbon-intensive new and alternative power generation often remain scarce. IFC is taking first effective steps in reining in greenhouse gas emissions by helping to make the use of energy ...more  

Hydro Power in a SNAP (Philippines)

In 2007, the Philippines’ struggling economy needed more power, but the government could not afford much new construction. The hydropower Magat plant changed that. Unless it could attract significant private investment, the country was faced with crippling energy shortages... more

Solar Makes Sense (Thailand)

Women entrepreneurs are the hidden force behind many great companies—including Thailand’s early leader in solar power. There the local first mover is called simply Solar Power Co. (SPC). It is the brainchild of its CEO Wandee Khunchornyakong, a tireless solar proponent who has ... more

Emerging Players (China)

China is now the world’s largest wind market. IFC is helping build its industry pioneers, China WindPower Group and Xinjiang Goldwind. In China, it is particularly important to replace fossil fuel-generated electricity with renewable energy as the country continues to grow at close to 10 percent ... 



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