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IFC’s partnership with global coffee trader ECOM Agroindustrial has been teaching the female entrepreneurs farming techniques that boost productivity and family incomes.
Following the 2008 devastating earthquake in western China, IFC initiated an Emergency Assistance Program to enhance Bank of Deyang's capacity to lend to SMEs and enable it to support women-owned SMEs in the earthquake-affected areas, through both it
In an op-ed in the Jakarta Globe, IFC Manager for Indonesia, Sarvesh Suri, describes why companies should practice good corporate governance, as the country weathers the current period of economic volatility.
Indonesian water company Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum Tirta Benteng Kota Tangerang initiated a 25-year partnership with PT Moya Indonesia to build and operate a water treatment plant to expand access to water in Tangerang. To support the partnership,
IFC will advise and support Otoritas Jasa Keuangan in developing a Corporate Governance Road Map to identify and resolve gaps in Indonesia’s regulatory framework.

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Forum on Product Innovations for Financial Inclusion in Indonesia

November 13th, 2013
Jakarta, Indonesia


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Contact Information

Mr. Sarvesh Suri

IFC Indonesia Country Manager

Indonesia Stock Exchange, Tower II, 9th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53
Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
Phone: (62-21) 2994-8001
Fax: (62-21) 2994-8002


Media Contact

Hannfried von Hindenburg


IFC in Indonesia

IFC is a long-term investor providing full range of products from loan to equity financing and mobilizing 3rd party funds to support companies’ growth and expansion.

IFC also provides advice to private sector clients to grow their business sustainably by adopting environmentally and socially friendly business practices. We support private sector development by working with national and provincial governments to create a conducive investment climate.

Expanding Access to Finance
IFC improves access to finance by investing in commercial banks and helping them provide loans to micro, small and medium enterprises. Through our housing finance program, banks can expand their mortgage businesses to help low-income families. We also advise banks on how to diversify their products to tap new market segments, such as small and medium enterprises and women entrepreneurs.

Building Infrastructure
IFC helps build and upgrade Indonesia’s infrastructure by investing in transportation, power plants, telecoms, ports and other projects. These projects yield profits for investors and create jobs, while improving public infrastructure and community welfare.

We help the country develop sustainable sources to meet its long-term energy needs by investing in renewable-energy projects, such as hydropower.

We advise companies and the Indonesian government on structuring and executing infrastructure projects with public and private participation ensuring fair and transparent process.

Creating a Competitive Business Edge
IFC helps companies to increase their business productivity and bottom line by adopting global best practices. In agriculture, together with the private sector, IFC trains farmers so that they can supply better-quality products, increase productivity and incomes. In forestry, IFC provides advice to companies in managing their commercial forest plantations on degraded land.

Our involvement in manufacturing and services industry helps Indonesian companies meet local demand and enter international markets. Our corporate governance program provides advice to companies to be more competitive and attract local and foreign capital by improving the transparency of their business operations.

Improving the Investment Climate
IFC helps the private sector to grow by cutting the time and costs of business registration and licensing processes through its work with national and local governments in improving business regulations and investment policies.

Together with the Jakarta provincial government, IFC developed a Green Building Code that will reduce energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings, cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

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