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Min Liu
Operations Officer
10th floor, Hongda International Plaza
No. 2 Xianan Road, Chengdu, Sichuan
610041, P.R.China
Tel: +86 (28) 6552 2842
Fax: +86 (28) 8676 7362

China Corporate Governance Project

Addressing corporate governance is at the heart of the investment decision-making process of ever more investors around the globe. Studies conducted both in developed and developing markets have shown that companies with strong corporate governance outperform those with poor governance practices.


Sound corporate governance systems and practices raise a company’s success in raising financing, improve operational performance and bolster its long-term, sustainable growth. Lack of transparency, unclear ownership and organizational structures, inadequate financial reporting and control systems, and conflicts of interests arising from related party transactions are corporate governance challenges many Chinese private sector companies face. In response, IFC is launching the China Corporate Governance Project with the goal of improving corporate governance practices among Chinese companies to raise their competitiveness in the global market place. Specific project activities include:


Direct Advice for Companies. We offer in-depth advice to select companies to improve their corporate governance practices.  Our services include corporate governance diagnosis and improvement, corporate governance document review and improvement, board performance review, training for board directors and senior management.


Local Capacity Building. We build and strengthen the capacity of corporate governance consulting and training services of select professional institutions in China through corporate governance methodology training, corporate governance Train-the-Trainer sessions, and corporate governance curriculum development.


Regulatory/Policy Advocacy. We work with relevant Chinese policymakers and government agencies to improve the regulatory framework on corporate governance.


Global Knowledge Management and Awareness Raising. We develop and distribute corporate governance handbooks and case studies tailored to Chinese private enterprises. We organize public seminars and workshops to disseminate knowledge and expertise about corporate governance and to raise awareness of its importance.



Publications of the China Corporate Governance Project


 Navigating Through Crises: A Handbook for Boards

IFC Family Business Governance Handbook


The Chinese edition of the Effective Board: Manual for Board Members


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