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dloHaiti, Haiti

DloHaiti provides safe drinking water to Haitians that reside in underserved areas. When dloHaiti entered the market, the prevailing method of safe water provision was to purify water centrally and then deliver it by truck to consumers, often with water storage kiosks as intermediary. This model was inefficient and wrought with limitations, such as variable quality, unreliable or limited availability outside of the urban areas, and high-priced services. At that time the lowest-cost option for safe drinking water was $.12 per gallon, which was 80 times more expensive than treated drinking water in the United States.


DloHaiti challenged this model and since May 2013 has been rolling out decentralized purification and distribution facilities, beginning with a village outside of Port-au-Prince in the Ouest Department. DloHaiti’s facilities rely on energy-efficient water purification technologies and run on solar energy. 


IFC & dloHaiti


IFC’s InfraVentures took an $820,000 equity stake in dloHaiti, acting as an initial investor in funding that raised $3.4 million. These funds helped fast-track the roll out of dloHaiti’s decentralized treatment facilities.


Development Impact


Access Operating in a country where piped water only reaches one-third of the urban poor and less than one-third of the rural poor, dloHaiti plans to extend safe water access to more than 145,000 people in the first few years. Over five years, the project expects to serve over one million beneficiaries.


Quality The overall quality of drinking water for affected consumers will increase significantly to a level that exceeds World Health Organization standards.


Economic Impact It is estimated that in its first two years of operation, dloHaiti will directly and indirectly create around 600 jobs. In the longer term, over the first five years of operations, this project estimates thousands of new jobs created. Consumers will be the true beneficiaries of the project, saving an estimated $350,000 annually in the near term and an estimated $2 million annually over the first five years.


By the Numbers


  • $820,000 equity investment
  • 145,000 people served in first two years, 1 million in five
  • 600 jobs, either directly or indirectly
  • 40 energy-efficient, water treatment kiosks
  • 25-40% below prevailing water price point in Haiti
  • $350,000 annual savings to Haitian water consumers in first two years, $2 million in five


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